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Where did Fay Godwin go to improve her photography?  And where did Paul Graham get his early education in art photography?

It was at the fabled Photographers’ Place in Derbyshire’s Peak District, which was Britain’s first permanent photography workshop and study centre. The Place stopped running workshops 14 years ago, but it is starting up again in April with a landscape weekend run by Martin Shakeshaft, Nick Lockett, and its founder Professor Paul Hill.

In its 20 year history, The Place taught a whole generation of photographers and inspired many to also set up independent photography groups(e.g. London Independent Photography), galleries (e.g. Street Level, Glasgow), and festivals (e.g. Derby International Festival of Photography, now Format).

Amongst those who led workshops during its previous existence were: Martin Parr, Thomas Joshua Cooper, John Blakemore, Brian Griffin, Raymond Moore, Lewis Baltz, Bill Jay, Hamish Fulton, Andy Earl, Aaron Siskind, Paul Caponigro, Jo Spence, and Cole Weston.

The first workshop will take place at the impressive Ilam Hall, near Ashbourne from April 16 – 18 and will be for those who have gone beyond the beginners’ stage and want to learn more about making landscape photographs from an aesthetic as well as from a technical point of view. There will be field trips in the countryside around Ilam, which includes one of Lord Byron’s favourite beauty spots – Dovedale – and feedback sessions on the images made during the weekend. The area is one of the backdrops for the new Robin Hood movie, starring Russell Crowe.

Participants will be able to eat, drink and sleep photography in a warm, friendly environment with like-minded enthusiasts and renowned tutors. For more details email us

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  1. Eddie Bowman says:

    Good luck with your project. It brings back happy memories of inspired teaching.

  2. Mark says:

    I was in Derbyshire in April ’08 with my camera and friends and we had a wonderful time.
    I’d love to be able to make this workshop. Have fun.

  3. Great to see you boys are back at it again. Good luck. Hope to visit soon.

  4. Its great to see ‘The Photographers Place’ is up and running again! I hope to get along to a workshop before long, its an exciting prospect.

  5. Marco Salotti says:

    Legendary. Will keep an eye out for events. Marco.

  6. Steve Lanigan says:

    I carry warm memories from the Fay Godwin workshop in ’92. Paul Hill inspired me to think about what I was seeing. A great (and humorous) bloke, and a master at the craft. Good luck to all.

  7. Yoke Matze says:

    I discovered the Photographer’s Place in an international magazine called ‘Print Letter’. In 1979, 1980 and 1981 I travelled from the Netherlands in a van, parking near farmhouses along the way, to Bradbourne in Derbyshire. I undertook workshops there with Raymond Moore, Lewis Baltz and Paul Caponigro, and met Aaron Siskind. Each workshop was very different and inspiring and opened my eyes on various levels. As I started out as a self-taught photographer, it was Paul who suggested I come to the UK and do a degree in photography. I did just that! After 30 years I am still in the UK working as a photographer and run courses and workshops in London and elsewhere. I am in great debt to Paul. Thank you Paul.

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